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Will it look exactly like the photo?

Although we try our best to ensure that the product you will receive looks exactly like the pictures on our website, please remember that leather is a natural product and as such, bares all hallmarks of its origin. Truely unique and individual markings may appear on any of our genuine leather products.
These markings should not be considered as defects. Instead, they give our leather products a unique identity, which enhances its natural beauty and characteristics. A natural look that is unique to a natural product, a one of a kind.
Even the best leather products has natural markings, which are analogue to fingerprints.  They distinguish genuine leather from man-made materials.  Some markings which may appear on the surface of leather are healed scratches, barbed wire marks, skin warts, wrinkles and various insect bites. Each mark unique to the cattle’s lifetime in the field.
Any of these markings may be present on our leather products and is your assurance that you have a true top grain hide leather product.